Features You Might Overlook When Choosing a New Commercial Refrigerator

Posted on: 27 January 2016

When in the market for a new commercial refrigerator for your restaurant or diner, you want to take the time to compare all the features available to you. The refrigerator you choose is very important as it uses a tremendous amount of power, and it can create cumbersome foot traffic in the kitchen if you don't opt for the best model for your facility. Note a few features you might easily overlook when shopping for a new commercial refrigerator and why they're so important to consider. 

1. Half doors

A good choice for your commercial refrigerator is a half door, or doors that are made in four or more sections. This can actually save you money on your utility bills because your staff won't need to hold open the entire door to the refrigerator every time they need to access something. When a refrigerator door is opened, the temperature inside drops and in turn, the motor needs to come on to cool the unit. However, being able to open only half the refrigerator or just a small section can mean it's less likely to get warm inside and the motor will come on less often, saving you money on your electric bill.

2. Sliding doors

In a congested and busy kitchen, sliding doors will mean taking up less space every time the door is opened. This can mean a more efficient kitchen as your staff won't need to be bothered, having to stop what they're doing and step out of the way of the door every time the refrigerator needs to be accessed.

3. Glass doors

If you need to take inventory of your refrigerated items often, which can happen when you use a lot of fresh produce and other products with a short shelf life, choose glass doors. Just like saving money with half doors or sectioned doors, you won't need to open the doors of your refrigerator in order to note what's inside when you opt for glass doors. In turn, the inside temperature won't drop as often and you'll save money on your electricity costs. 

4. Dual side access

Trying to reach into a deep refrigerator to access items in the back can be a challenge, which is why you might opt for a dual side access refrigerator. This type of model is meant to be put in the middle of a kitchen, with doors in both the front and back. This too can keep your kitchen running smoothly as your staff can access it from both sides, meaning less time spent walking from one end of the kitchen to the refrigerator to access items.