Dog Loves Peeing On Your Outdoor AC Unit? 3 Compressor Unit Mutilations Instigated By Dog Urine

Posted on: 29 September 2016

If you have a split AC, your compressor unit is most likely located outside your home. If the unit is close to the ground, you'll notice your pet dog making a beeline for it every time it needs to pee. Dogs tend to pick objects like trees, fences, shrubs and compressor units when they pee. This urine is devastating and can break down your AC completely over time if ignored. This commentary aims to help you understand the compressor unit mutilations instigated by dog urine.

Dog Urine Deteriorates Aluminium Fins

The aluminium fins in your compressor unit aid in the heat transfer process, enabling the condenser coils to redirect heat quicker. Lab tests performed at veterinary practices indicate that pH levels in dog urine are usually acidic. The acid content in your dog's urine will interact with these operational aluminium fins, causing them to deteriorate over time. The level of deterioration will depend on how often your dog pees on the compressor unit. If this is the only place your territorial pet picks, then the aluminium fins will deteriorate faster. These fins will either need repair or replacement depending on the degree of damage. 

Dog Urine Pushes Up Energy Bills Over Time

Experts claim that your AC accounts for 40 percent of energy consumption in households. This figure is already significantly high, but it could get a lot worse because of dog urine. Urine-damaged aluminium fins work slower than normal because of corrosion, which means that they are unable to redirect heat as quickly as before. This forces your air conditioner to toil harder for cooling the room –– eventually reducing efficiency and pushing up your electricity bills. Changing these fins should take care of the problem –– as long as you also find a way to prevent your dog from peeing on the unit.

Dog Urine Triggers Refrigerant Leaks In Condenser Coils

The condenser coil encloses refrigerant gas to remove heat from it. The gas then turns into a liquid and heat is dissipated outside. If your dog's urine touches the coils in the condenser, then they will start to break down and rust over time. This rust will cause holes to form, which eventually results in refrigerant leaking through them. If the holes are small, you can get an AC technician to repair them. Alternatively, your condenser coils will need replacement.

If you notice your dog peeing regularly on the outdoor compressor unit, call anair conditioning repairs technician to evaluate the level of damage immediately. The longer you wait, the more serious the problem gets.